January 18, 2020, marked 2 years since Neki Moyo, launched WhatsApp Radio.

Ms Neki Moyo considers herself tech-savvy with an inclination towards audio editing apps on her mobile device. So, she found a way to make her voice note compatible with her WhatsApp status, which gave birth to WhatsApp Radio.

WhatsApp Radio began with a voice-note status update, expressing gratitude to all who wished her mum a happy birthday. The message ended with the closing statement, “This is WhatsApp Radio”.

Initially worried about consistency, data plans, content building an audience expansion, Neki was encouraged by friends and began targeting her WhatsApp contacts, turning them into ardent listeners.

Her fans come from all over the world, including Ghana, Ukraine, United States, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and more.

WhatsApp Radio also has a Facebook Fan Page with an active Facebook Community.

Neki is a product of the Broadcast Radio Masterclass and touts reputable broadcaster, Fola Folayan as her coach and mentor. She gained internship experience with an online radio station, Digits1024, where she built her production skills and software improvement.

“Biggest Lessons. Wow! I have learnt a lot honestly, stick to your originality, let people not feel like you are some sort of artificial intelligence behind the mic.”

Neki Moyo is on Instagram & Twitter @neki_moyo

You can join the WhatsApp Radio Facebook Community here.