Here we are again with our third instalment of the Podcast Listening Habits In Nigeria Survey.

Here’s what we found…

All participants were under 50 years of age with 95.8% of them within the 18-34 demographic.

45.8% of respondents listen to podcasts a few times a day, compared with 41.7% who listen once a week.

68.8% say they listen to podcasts on Saturdays while 51.2% prefer Fridays or Sundays.

35.4% listen to podcasts at night, 33.3% prefer evenings while just 20.8% listen in the morning.

68.8% of those surveyed listen at home. No surprise here, given the pandemic.

97.9% listen to podcasts on their mobile devices.

75% would rather press play and listen immediately to their favourite podcast episodes rather than download and listen later.

Pop Culture/Entertainment remains the most popular podcast genre with 70.8% of those surveyed picking them over Inspirational [68.8%] and Educational [47.9%].

39.6% say they like being informed, while 22% say they like being entertained. Split at 18.8% are those who want to be inspired or feel relevant.

47.9% prefer podcast episodes to be under 40 minutes.

54.2% are okay with the use of expletives in podcasts.

47.9% of respondents live in Lagos, Nigeria. Residents from other states like Anambra, Abia, Ondo, Oyo, Kwara, Niger and Rivers also took part in the survey.

Our survey sample was taken from 200 podcast fans across the Nation.

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