January 18, 2020, marked 2 years since Neki Moyo, launched WhatsApp Radio.

Ms Neki Moyo considers herself tech-savvy with an inclination towards audio editing apps on her mobile device. So, she found a way to make her voice note compatible with her WhatsApp status, which gave birth to WhatsApp Radio.

WhatsApp Radio began with a voice-note status update, expressing gratitude to all who wished her mum a happy birthday. The message ended with the closing statement, “This is WhatsApp Radio”.

Initially worried about consistency, data plans, content building an audience expansion, Neki was encouraged by friends and began targeting her WhatsApp contacts, turning them into ardent listeners.

Her fans come from all over the world, including Ghana, Ukraine, United States, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and more.

WhatsApp Radio also has a Facebook Fan Page with an active Facebook Community.

Neki is a product of the Broadcast Radio Masterclass and touts reputable broadcaster, Fola Folayan as her coach and mentor. She gained internship experience with an online radio station, Digits1024, where she built her production skills and software improvement.

“Biggest Lessons. Wow! I have learnt a lot honestly, stick to your originality, let people not feel like you are some sort of artificial intelligence behind the mic.”

Neki Moyo is on Instagram & Twitter @neki_moyo

You can join the WhatsApp Radio Facebook Community here.

Author: Tony Doe

Voice-overs, Radio and Podcast Production.


  1. Chai!!! WhatsappRadio has been electrifying all the way, it is irreplaceable and it’s a platform that has come to stay. I never knew this could be a reality till I started following the WhatsappRadioCommunity,😂,this platform is interactive, exciting with up to date and clarified info, I love WhatsappRadio😘😘😘…
    Sincerely speaking this has completely replaced all the normal Radio platforms… I love you Neki Moyo😘😘😘,I love the WhatsappRadioCommunity
    Happy Anniversary!!!

    signed: #KingBlameless


    1. The ingenuity behind WhatsApp radio is mind blowing. The contents are informative and educative with a touch of perfection at delivering information that is needed in this 21st century.
      I love WhatsApp radio
      I love Neki more.

  2. Neki Moyo is now an house hold name. You can’t take it from her the way she keeps you glue to your phone when you are listing to WhatsApp radio. And her topics are always so on point. I love Neki moto and I love what you do and I’m your greatest and No1 fan.

  3. Whoa!!! It’s been two amazing years. I look forward to the great things Neki Moyo is yet to do with this platform. WhatsApp Radio is just something else!!! The fun,the interactive sessions,the shout-out,every every is mind blowing. And there are even more and more great ideas we haven’t seen yet. I love the WhatsApp Radio Community. I love Neki Moyo CEO!!!
    Happy Anniversary!!!

  4. Whatsapp radio is the MARA first of its kind and I love the consistency
    Neki moyo is always charged 100% and sure her current always help my phone charge during the radio listening. On all. Neki moyo. I love you and I will always follow your WhatsApp radio too much excitement in one all on my status wow
    Up you go girl

  5. The Neki Moyo , I have always known you are special! There’s absolutely no stopping you… your take over spirit is palpable. I love you, I love what you do and how you what you do .❤

  6. WhatsApp Radio has been awesome these past two years.Its something to look forward to.Great Work Neki Moyo,The world is your stage.

  7. Wow! WhatsApp radio is 2 years already ,I am so excited for all started so simply and yet today see how far you have gone darling. Greater strides dear,this is just the beginning .
    Love you dear

  8. Wow! WhatsApp radio is two years already, it all started with a simple step,I am so happy for you Neki Moyo!your amazing contents that gets us talking and engaged to the radio.this is just the beginning dear.many more years if winning. Love you.greater heights dear.

  9. Hey Neki! You are doing amazing stuff! It is great how you JUST KNOW what you want to do all the way, and put your mind and heart to it. You know I am always a listener, follower and reader on WhatsApp Radio. Cheers to amazing two years! May 2 become a decade and many more! I’ll always be your run-up if you need advice on anything. Cheers 🥂

  10. WhatsApp radio is an ingenious concept that must be appreciated. I must commend Neki for her skill in presenting and disseminating information that is educative in a professional manner which is classically different from what we are used to. WhatsApp radio makes my Saturdays complete.
    Thank you Neki.
    Keep the flag flying.
    God bless you.

  11. I’ve been following the WhatsApp radio since day 1. It all started like “oh okay which one is WhatsApp radio again” but today it has become a house hold name. Thank you Neki Moyo for this amazing innovation. It’s been fun so far, the music, the interactive sessions are so educative and worth listening to. Whatsapp radio is just the best! It’s super lit!

  12. The number of times I’ve listened to the WhatsApp radio has been really intriguing and I never really thought about this.
    It’s a wonderful concept and I wish her all the best going forward.

  13. Congratulations make more giant strides, I love whatsapp radio, from the sound to the content and to all the engagements, more wins for you darling. Love you

  14. I don’t listen all the Time, but I must say Neki Moyo is a whole vibe, I love her energy and consistency, congratulations to WhatsApp radio!!! Keep up the good work Neki

  15. Seriousllyyyyyyyyyyyyy…. WhatsApp radio has got to be the most unique thing I experienced in 2019. And honestly I didn’t know such a thing could happen. But when I saw neki, I knew that she was a gem. A very uncommon and rare gem and it won’t be long till she takes over the media world by storm

  16. The WhatsApp radio has been one of my great ways of unwinding. It’s a really beautiful innovative with so much prospects. Kudos to its conveyor!!

  17. It all started from viewing someone’s status, to asking for a number, then I heard the voice and I was wowed. I actually got addicted and was always looking forward to every session. It was informative, and so fun to listen to that I never thought I would enjoy listening to radio again. I can’t believe it’s two years already. I’m so proud to be part of the WhatsApp community, and I’m so proud of you Neki. You’re a blessing to this generation. God bless you.

  18. Simply put, WhatsApp radio is everything, and more! I’ve been a listener for over a year now, and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.
    Hey Neki, the dexterity and passion with which you run this phenomenon is something to be louded and lauded! May God bless you with the wisdom and every needed resource to make this bigger.

  19. WhatsApp radio? Mehnnn I was shocked when I heard it. Then when I listened I was so impressed. Such creativity. The content is top notch.
    Baby girl the media industry is about to feel your vibe.
    We have unfinished business ohhhh
    Keep it up dear

  20. It’s always great whenever I tune in… A lot of energy….It always gives good vibes…

    Great work, Neki Moyo

  21. Am always enthusiastic to tune in WhatsApp radio Saturday evening, I applaud Neki Moyo for her consistency and versatility in meeting the demands of her audience.

  22. WhatsApp radio is 2💃💃💃. It’s always a joy listening to Neki on the whatsapp radio, the topics are ever so intriguing, insightful and there is so much to learn. Its basically a learn, unlearn and relearn process with Neki Moyo… cheers to greatness dearie…

  23. WhatsApp radio is two 💃💃💃it’s been an amazing journey with Neki Moyo on the WhatsApp radio, talk about insightful discussions coupled with a very powerful voice. Cheers to greatness dearie 😘

  24. The best media thing happening in the generation right now.. kudos Neki, AGT dey your back!

  25. NekiMoyo is super innovative, intelligent and daring. WhatsApp Radio is in a world of its own with constant captivating content and amazing vibes. You do more Sis.

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