Don’t ever think that long talking hours on radio automatically translate into popularity.

Whatever you do with the time slot that you have, is what eventually stands you out as a great radio broadcaster.

I grew up knowing radio broadcasters who had just 15mins a week on the radio who were more popular than those with 2hrs, 5 days a week on the radio.

Fast forward to 2020, you can be on radio 4hours, 5 days a week and still make absolutely no sense.

As a Sportscaster, you can make your 15mins daily sports show the biggest programme on your radio station.

Trust me, it is very possible.

Content is the most important thing that is needed, followed by your style of delivery – your presentation skills, your knowledge of the language you’re presenting in, and a few other things.

Focus more on creating good content, hone your presentation skills, push your show/programmes more on social media and be consistent.

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Author: Tony Doe

Voice-overs, Radio and Podcast Production.