If you’re thinking of starting a Podcast for a Nigerian audience in 2020, some of these stats might help you with direction.

We conducted a survey late last year and found out that 70.3% of podcast listeners in Nigeria are male. 81.1% of podcast fans [male & female] fall within the 15 – 34-year-old demographic. 

45.9% listen to podcasts only a few times a week. 

56.8% prefer checking out Podcasts on Mondays. 

40.5% get their podcast fixes in the morning, 40.5% of podcast fans, catch up on their favourites in traffic. 

100% of those surveyed, say they listen to podcasts on their mobile devices. 

Pop Culture/Entertainment takes the cake of most consumed podcast genres with 75.7%. 54.1% want information from their podcasts. 

54.1% Like their podcasts 40 minutes long or under. 

62.2% don’t mind podcast hosts/guests swearing. 

Most podcast listeners in Nigeria are based in Lagos State, according to 48% of those surveyed.

Some popular Nigerian podcasts include Loose Talk Giants [now rested], Nigerian American, Up Gunners Podcast, Off-Air with Gbemi and Toolz, Surviving Eko with Fecko, Queen Raffy’s Space, Football Talk with Faithfulness, among others.

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Author: Tony Doe

Voice-overs, Radio and Podcast Production.